Friday, July 18, 2008

Captain Capitalism: How to Argue Against Socialism and Defend Captialism

This speech is quite simply A MUST for all people who believe in free markets, capitalism, freedom and true progress. It comprehensively covers not just the logical and philosophical arguments for capitalism, but also provides your everyday person with the empirical data that supports capitalism. It also delves into the leftist mind with insights that help you understand where the left is coming from and how to engage them when debating with them.

Understand that this is the entire speech in its original format. It was taped professionally and will be aired on TV in the future, but this "professional version" will be an abbreviated version of it. I wanted to make sure the ENTIRE 2 hour 10 minute version was available in that there are many different aspects to this debate that need addressing and I wanted to cover them all.

It is a LONG seminar, but understand that in those short 2 hours and 10 minutes, you will be armed with an immense amount of data, as well as a strategic understanding of the psychology of the left that you will be immeasurably more capable of arguing for free markets, low taxes, freedom and liberty. More importantly I review different economic resources you can go to where by you can research and investigate on your own.


l4k said...

Your blog is a nice reference site for pro-liberty/anti-statism videos. Keep up the good work.

Kobe said...
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Kobe said...

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