Wednesday, November 14, 2007

ABC 20/20 - Give me a Break with John Stossel - Global Warming

In just 8 minutes, ABC 20/20's John Stossel demolishes the idea that all evidence points to humans being responsible for global warming and says "Give Me A Break" to the idea that the global warming debate is over.

Stossel points out that the media is constantly sending the message that the global warming of the last few decades is our fault and almost certainly bound to turn into a crisis. He finds school children that are terrified that they could die from global warming.

However many of the claims in Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth" are grossly exaggeratedparticularly the claims that there is an immediate crisis. For example, in the movie the effect of the ocean rising 20 feet was used as an example of the impending danger the world faces. However, the IPCC reports that sea levels are forecast to rise just 7 to 24 inches in the next 100 years. Furthermore a closer look at the claim that CO2's rise and fall is correlated to temperature reveals that the evidence indicates that CO2 actually lags temperature rise instead of causing it. There is little observable evidence that CO2 has been the cause of global warming in the past. Mr. Gore refused to talk to ABC regarding the inconsistencies in his film.

Finally, Stossel interviews a group of scientists that dispute the claim that there's proof that global warming is caused by humans releasing CO2 and that the warming is likely to turn into a crisis. The same scientists are often labeled as 'deniers' and threatened for expressing their research.
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