Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ron Paul - The YouTube Interview


Watch Texas Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul answer YOUR questions submitted via YouTube. He talks about individual liberties, how he would eliminate the income tax, a libertarian position on the environment, and gives a passionate defense of his position on abortion.

At the end of the clip the interviewer plays a game of "small government, short answers" and asks Paul:

  • Would you eliminate the War on Drugs?
  • What is your position on national ID cards? Are you for any type of microchip under people's skin?
  • Why do you want to be president?
  • Who is Ron Paul?

Finally Ron Paul talks candidly about the impact that the Internet is having on political campaigns as an equalizer for grassroots candidates and how young people learning online are becoming excited about freedom and libertarianism and bringing those ideas to their parents.

To learn more about Congressman Paul and his campaign, go to:

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