Thursday, August 6, 2009

ABC 20/20 The War on Drugs, A War on Ourselves? with John Stossel

Part 1 - Introduction and Police Baiting

Part 2 - The Unintended Consequences of Prohibition

Part 3 - The Effect of the War on Drugs in Colombia

Part 4 - The Effect of the War on Drugs in Colombia

Part 5 - The Right to Choose & Legalization in Europe

Part 6 - Hard Drugs & Legalization in the US

The War on Drugs, A War on Ourselves?

In a 2002 special, John Stossel examines the effect of the War on Drugs on American Society.

He interviews Detroit's police chief Jerry Oliver who points out that since the dealing of drugs is between willing buyers and sellers, the War on Drugs forces cops to use deceit to catch those dealing drugs. Despite all the law enforcement resources put into fighting the drug war, availably of drugs is just as high as before the drug war began.

3 Unintended Consequences are examined including; it sucks children into the underworld, corrupts cops, and creates crime.

John Stossel travels to Colombia and examines the effect of the War on Drugs on the people living there.

Finally Stossel travels to Europe to see how drug legalization has affected society there.

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